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Online Education for Working Adults: Strategies for Success

Online education has opened new pathways to college for working adults. The flexibility and availability of online colleges and universities have resulted in more opportunities for adults to pursue higher education, either to complete a degree in progress or begin a new program of study.   Adding online coursework to an already busy schedule of […]

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4 Steps to Start Preparing Your Research Paper

Attribution link: Group of business people photo created by lookstudio – www.freepik.com Are you prepared to write your first research paper? Be proactive by following these four steps to prepare a high-quality and comprehensive paper. Here are four steps to walk you through how to start your research paper—from determining the sources you’ll need to […]

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How to Deal With Obstacles to Stay on Track Toward Your Goals

Attribution link: Group of business people photo created by lookstudio – www.freepik.com Read: 7 min.   It happens to the best of us: Obstacles appear out of seemingly nowhere, leaving us wondering how to overcome them and continue on the path to achieving our educational goals. But whether it’s a difficult course, family trouble, illness […]

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How to Work Smarter & Do More in Less Time

Attribution link: Happy team photo created by pch.vector – www.freepik.com Read: 5 min.   Working harder makes sense to a point – until you run out of hours in the day to get everything done. We’ve all been there before, but achieving your goals doesn’t always have to mean grinding every hour of the day. […]

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Real Entrepreneurs Share 7 Great Areas for Starting a Business

Attribution link: Business man laptop photo created by diana.grytsku – www.freepik.com Read: 8 min. Some people enjoy the structure and security that comes along with many standard 9-to-5 jobs. Others prefer the freedom that is inherent in owning your own business and embrace the financial uncertainty often present in startup endeavors. There’s really no right […]

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4 Steps to Prepare Your Resume for a Career Change

Attribution link: Student writing photo created by wayhomestudio – www.freepik.com Read: 5 min.   If you’ve got an eye on changing your career, chances are that your existing resume may not best reflect your abilities and experience in your new field. The good news is that just because your prior experience may not all directly […]

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