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American InterContinental University’s online Master’s in Education program is designed to lay the groundwork for the practice of effective educational methodologies by all types of educational practitioners.


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Master’s in Education Degree Program Outline

Sharpen your skills as an educator through AIU’s accredited online Masters in Education (M.Ed.) program. Study the design, implementation, and evaluation of education programs from adult to elementary. You will also have the opportunity to work to develop instructional techniques that you can use in workplace training, professional development and continuing education programs.

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Learning is different for adults than for children, and educational solutions are not universal. Adults have different learning needs and circumstances, which impact how instruction must be administered and evaluated. AIU’s Master of Education degree with a concentration in Adult Education and E-Learning explores the adult learner as a whole person, taking into account physiological, emotional, and intellectual differences, complex lifestyles, and innovative education research.

The MEd degree with a concentration in Adult Education and E-Learning is designed for candidates looking to prepare to pursue leadership and curriculum design roles in the fields of corporate training, career and professional development, higher education, and K-12 administration. The program focuses on helping candidates prepare to leverage industry-authentic tools and assessments to work to develop career-relevant skills in preparation for the next steps in their career path.


The AIU Master of Education with a concentration in Higher Education Administration is designed to help candidates work to develop a solid foundation of professional skills and prepare to pursue careers in education administration or organizational leadership. In addition to the MEd curricula, this concentration provides an additional component that focuses on administration processes and regulations specific to educational institutions, which is vital in a leadership role.

The program features online courses that focus on instructing candidates to utilize industry-authentic tools and develop career-relevant skills in preparation for the next steps in their career path. The Education Administration concentration explores how to collaborate in a community of adult students while studying human resources management, financial administration, regulation and compliance, and the development of curriculum and e-learning solutions for school, faculty, staff and students.

AIU’s Masters in Education (M.Ed.) is programmatically accredited by the Association of Advancing Quality in Education Preparation (AAQEP)

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Industry-Relevant Learning

American InterContinental University’s (AIU) degrees are practical and career-oriented, taught by experienced industry experts.

Flexible Learning Experience

AIU degree programs are designed to fit a busy life, so you can pursue your degree on your own schedule.

Optimized Learning Experience

The AIU Virtual Campus allows you to access coursework, class schedules, online library, message boards, and learning materials anytime and anywhere the internet is available. You also get to interact with a global community of learners and you have access to your course professors.

Graduation Support

Upon enrollment, you will be introduced to your graduation team who offer personalized support along the way and can help you understand enrollment options and course schedules

Career Support

Once you finish your degree, AIU’s career counseling center can help you navigate the job market or use your schooling to take your career to the next level. AIU will connect you to employers through the Career Advantage Program (CAP) corporate alliances.

Alumni Network

You also have the opportunity to join the AIU alumni network and meet other graduates from around the globe whom you can collaborate with to further advance in your career.


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